Watch: Why You Shouldn’t Stress Anymore over Choosing the Right Credit Card for Yourself

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Do you want to apply for a credit card but don’t know which option in particular suits your interests the most? Do you get confused over jargons like cashback, balance transfer or air miles? Well, you need not stress over them anymore.

We recently collaborated with Vulcan Post to see amusing reactions of a group of best friends who were asked to appear for a 30-minute test in order to choose credit cards that best matched their lifestyle needs and eligibility. And boy, they literally sweat over it!

Watch the video here to check out their hilarious reactions!

As you just saw in the video, Bbazaar does this work of simplifying the various options to help you choose the right financial products, like a credit card, for yourself. We are a neutral marketplace of financial products like credit cards and personal loans, and our aim is to ensure our users get the right products in a hassle-free way.

We also give valuable insights to our readers on various personal finance and lifestyle topics like loans, money management, investments and much more to help them make informed financial decisions.

If you’ve been looking to apply for a credit card, go for the one that best suits your spending preferences  (like petrol, travel, grocery, dining, etc.), and your choice of benefits (like rewards, cashback, etc.) so that you maximise the value of every ringgit you spend. Also, you’ll be well-advised to know how to use credit cards responsibly.

And there’s more.  Get up to RM500 worth Petron Gift Voucher and Touch'N'Go card, absolutely FREE,, when you apply for a Citi, Alliance Bank or Standard Chartered Bank credit card, right here on BBazaar! APPLY TODAY! T&Cs apply.

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