4 Useful Tips to Buy Baju Raya on a Budget

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4 Useful Tips to Buy Baju Raya on a Budget

The holy month of Ramadan is well on its way and after a few days of fasting, iftar, and tarawih, the biggest festive period in Malaysia will be celebrated! Yes, we are talking about Eid al-Fitr, or more popularly known as “Hari Raya” to everyone across the land. The festive season brings with it an extended holiday period, fireworks, reunions, travel, and lots of delicious food!

The mood for Hari Raya is clearly in full swing now as the radio stations are playing Raya songs and everyone is busy making their preparations for the big day. If you want to make sure you have everything covered, make sure you read our blog on the essentials to include in your Raya budget.

But today, we are going to shift our focus to one of the most exciting aspects of those essentials – the Raya outfit or more popularly known as “Baju Raya”.

According to the teachings of Islam, it is Sunnah (best practice) to wear one’s best clothes during Raya. In Malaysia, people normally wear traditional Malay outfits during the first few days of Raya.

With social media being ingrained into our modern lives and the widespread popularity of hashtags such as #OOTD, many are looking forward to donning a stylish Baju Raya.

A good-looking Baju Raya doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and leg, especially if you follow these tips on how to purchase the festive outfit on a budget.

1. Target warehouses and wholesalers

Image source: Jakel’s Facebook page

Although these places are usually packed with customers during Ramadan, a visit might be well worth it as you’ll be spoilt for choices. This will especially come in handy if you are not only shopping for yourself but also for your entire family.

Prefer a matching theme for each member of the family? Check! The naughty little one wants something that stands out more? They’ve got you covered too!

Not only is there a huge variety of designs, there are often festive promotions that will keep the prices of these Baju Rayas low. It is not unfamiliar to see them offer discounts of up to 80% on each purchase. Furthermore, the huge size of the outlet means it is unlikely that they will run out of stock for the size and style that you desire.

Among the popular wholesalers in the country are Jakel, Kamdar, Muaz Textiles, and Kenanga Wholesale City. Other outlets which are increasing in popularity include Ten Ten and Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari.

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2. Proper timing can save you money

You’ve probably heard by now that starting from 1 June 2018, the rate of Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been set to zero. This means that half-way through Ramadan, the prices for Baju Rayas has also gone down. But did you know that if you wait a little bit longer, you can get your outfits at an even cheaper price?

Around one or two days before Hari Raya, shops and boutiques make massive clearance sales. In fact, Raya eve is the best time to get great deals. Outlets are opened into the wee hours of the morning and you can even find a Baju Raya for as low as RM20!

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3. There’s always online

Image source: schantalao/Freepik

Let’s face it, not everyone likes big crowds and would prefer to do their shopping from the comforts of their home. Now this is where online shopping comes in handy. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to find a good deal using this method. You will be able to compare prices from multiple websites in a fraction of the time it requires you to physically visit multiple outlets.

However, be sure to read comments from the users of these online stores. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the product or if the service is reliable. To boost your savings, use services such as Shopback which gives you cashback on online purchases.

However, owning the proper credit card will ensure you maximise the benefits of online shopping. Read our blog to find out which credit cards offer great online shopping benefits.

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4. Think about long-term usage too

Finally, you should consider the long-term usages as well. It is unwise to buy these outfits for just one occasion, no matter how big the festival season is.

When buying for your children, make sure the measurements are a little bit longer so you can reuse them for next year’s celebration. If you plan to wear them for work, make sure they have a professional look and their designs fit your company’s guidelines.

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