UOB ONE Card Review: Extra Cash Rebates to Add Fun to Your Weekends

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UOB ONE Card Review: Extra Cash Rebates to Add Fun to Your Weekends

The UOB ONE Card gives you access to a world of benefits, whether it is up to 8% cash rebates on petrol, movies, groceries and phone bills, or dining privileges at over 150 restaurants in the country. In fact, this credit card gives cashback on most of the retail spends, and the offers get even better on weekends!

Read our review to find out what’s unique about the UOB ONE CARD.

First up, here’s a summary of what we like the most and what isn’t that great about this credit card.

What we like the most 🙂 What isn’t that great 🙁
Cash rebates (up to 8%) on weekends for petrol, grocery, phone bills and cinema spends

Additional SMART$ rebates at a number of lifestyle brands, restaurants and more

Cash rebates get automatically credited to your account to offset the monthly balance

Annual fee of RM68 that cannot be waived off

The bulk of expenses must be made during weekends to maximise savings

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Now let’s discuss its features and benefits in more detail.

Earn rebates every time you spend

The rebates for UOB ONE Card are divided into two categories—weekdays and weekends. You earn higher rebates when you use your card over the weekends, especially for petrol and cinema expenses.

For instance, you get an 8% cash rebate at Golden Screen Cinemas on weekends and a 2% cash rebate on weekdays. Similarly, petrol expenses on the weekend fetch you a 5% cash rebate and 2% on weekdays. That said, keep in mind most of the cash rebate categories (apart from movies and “other spends”) come with a monthly expenditure cap too.

Here’s how the rebate programme for this card works:

Rebate category Weekday cash rebates Weekend cash rebates Maximum monthly purchase amount entitled for cash rebates
Petrol 1% 5% RM300
Cinema 2% 8% Unlimited
Groceries 1% 2% RM1,000
Telecommunication 1% 2% RM200
Other purchases 0.2% 0.2% Unlimited

And here are the merchant details for the cashback categories:

  • Petrol purchases: All petrol stations
  • Cinema purchases: Golden Screen Cinemas
  • Grocery purchases: Tesco, Aeon Big, Giant, Cold Storage and Jaya Grocer
  • Telecommunication purchases: Maxis, Digi and Celcom
  • Other purchases: All other merchants (except the ones listed above)

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How you can save more with UOB ONE Card

Considering that you get rebates on an array of categories, your savings per year can reach hundreds of Ringgits with the UOB ONE. Let’s look at how easy it is to save every time you use this card on the weekends:

Spend category (monthly) Maximum spending to get cash rebates Monthly savings Yearly savings
Petrol RM300 RM15
(RM300 x 5%)
Groceries RM1000 RM20
(RM1000 x 2%)
Telecom Bills RM200

(RM200 x 2%)

Movies RM300

(RM300 x 8%)

Other Retail Expenses RM1,100

(RM1,100 x 0.2%)


Total monthly cashback: RM65.2

Total yearly cashback: RM782.4


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Get additional SMART$ rebates with every spend

UOB ONE Card Review: Extra Cash Rebates to Add Fun to Your Weekends

With this credit card, you also get access to UOB’s SMART$ Rebate Programme. Every time you purchase something at any UOB SMART$ merchant outlet, you get rebates at the rate of 1 SMART$ for every RM1 spent.

You can visit any of the participating merchant outlets that offer a wide range of cash rebates. For example, shopping at Timberland gets you a 3% rebate. Likewise, 10% at Passage Thru India restaurant and 3% at Beyond Beauty.

These rebates are available on a wide range of categories from food and beverages to computers and gadgets. Click here to check out the list of participating merchant outlets and the rebate percentage you can get.

Other dining benefits

With this credit card, you can get up to 15% discount on your dining expenses at over 150 restaurants all across Malaysia.

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Keep in mind

That said, there are certain things you should know about the UOB ONE Card.

  • Payments made with this credit card from 12:00 a.m. on Monday to 11:59 p.m. on Friday fall under the ‘Weekday Cash Rebate’ category
  • Expenses charged to this card from 12:00 a.m. on Saturday to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday fall under the ‘Weekend Cash Rebate’ category
  • The annual fee for the principal UOB ONE Card is RM68 and RM30 for the supplementary card. SST of RM25 will be charged for each credit card on a yearly basis.

And these are the categories that do not qualify for any cash rebates:

  • Balance Transfer
  • Easi Payment Plan purchases
  • Refunded, disputed, unauthorized or fraudulent retail transactions
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Government transactions
  • Utilities bills
  • Charity bodies
  • Annual fees, interest payments, late payments fees, charges for cash withdrawals, etc.


Minimum Age Requirement (Principal Card) 21 years
Minimum Annual Income RM24,000 p.a.
Documents required For Salaried: Photocopy of NRIC (both sides), latest salary slip, latest EPF statement, the latest tax return with LHDN receipt, personal bank statement (showing salary credited)

For Self Employed: Latest 6 months bank statement (showing business turnover), Form 9 & 24/Company and/or Business Registration, the latest tax return with LHDN receipt

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The UOB ONE Card is targeted at average income earners who are looking for the best value on all their expenses, whether it’s at the cinemas, groceries or petrol. Add to it the SMART$ benefits, and the total savings can increase even further.

That said, you need to be careful to time most of your crucial expenses — especially petrol and groceries — to weekends in order to maximise your savings by bagging a good amount in cashback. Also, the unlimited 8% cashback on weekend movies at the GSC is a great benefit, but only for serious movie buffs. Finally, the annual fees of RM68 (0% GST) may put off a few as it cannot be waived off.

All in all, the UOB ONE can be termed as a fun partner, as it handsomely rewards not just necessary spends (extra cashback on weekend petrol, groceries and phone bill expenses), but also entertainment costs (like unlimited cashback on movies and offers on dining and other lifestyle buys through SMART$ programme).

The biggest plus is whatever rebate you earn will get automatically credited to your account every month to offset your balance. But it actually depends on your spending patterns and lifestyle requirements to make the most of this card.

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