10 Travel Security Items You Can Get for a Safer Trip

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10 Travel Security Items You Can Get for a Safer Trip

With domestic flights being exempted from SST and the upcoming Agong Birthday’s and Awal Muharram celebrations (10th and 11th September), it seems like the perfect time to plan for a trip during the long weekend!

For those eager to go on a trip this weekend, whether locally or overseas, always exercise precautions for your own safety, no matter how familiar you are with your destination. In Malaysia, some of the most common issues faced by many are:

  • Petty crimes (e.g. incidents of bag-snatching perpetrated by individuals on motorcycles are quite common, especially in urban areas)
  • Credit card fraud (always check your credit card statements for fraudulent charges)
  • ATM scams (be extra careful when using the ATMs)
  • Pickpocketing
  • Residential burglaries

When it comes to travelling internationally, always check the common scams or risks faced by tourists at your selected destination. Crime threats vary depending on the country, so do some research before you place your bookings.

Once you know what to expect for your trip, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions. We recommend you to get several travel security items for a safer trip.  

See if any of these 10 travel security items can offer protection for you during your trip:

1. Secure your luggage safely with a padlock

Image source: lazada.com.my

While most luggage these days come with its own lock, it always helps to have a backup padlock, preferably the ones that are portable, keys free, and come with a unique fixed code. You can get the 6-Digit Push Button Combination Padlock for Travel Suitcase and Luggage for RM12.90 on Lazada.

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2. Avoid pickpockets with a hidden waist pouch

Image source: lazada.com.my

Pickpocketing is common, whether in Malaysia or other countries, especially if you look too much like a tourist. Get a waist pouch with a design that allows you to wear it underneath your clothes, like this one by SUNERLORY, priced at RM8.30. With anti-theft features, the bag is also waterproof and comes with lots of compartments.  

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3. Secure your luggage better with a strap belt

Image source: lazada.com.my

Add more protection to your suitcase or luggage with an adjustable strap belt that also comes with a lock. The strap belt by OEM is TSA-approved and comes with a combination lock at RM29.90.

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4. Avoid theft or credit cards from slipping out with a special credit card wallet

Image source: lazada.com.my

It would be a financial nightmare if you lose your credit cards, especially when you’re travelling overseas. Prevent theft or your credit cards from easily slipping out by using a special credit card wallet designed to avoid such problems.

This wallet by OEM, priced at RM25.99, features a card blocker to prevent cards from slipping out, which also makes it hard for thieves to get your cards or cash out of the wallet.  

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5. Stash your cash and jewellery in a storage box disguised as a dictionary

Image source: lazada.com.my

Low-level thieves are either uneducated or just lazy, and they probably won’t be rummaging through books. If you travel frequently with a few books in hand, this storage box that looks like a dictionary might come in handy, as you can place it in between the other (real) books. Priced at RM27.90, the storage box features an English dictionary cover design and requires a key to unlock it. The box can store cash, jewellery, and other small-sized valuables.  

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6. Lock your laptop with a laptop locker (which doubles as a bike lock)

Image source: lazada.com.my

It’s time to lock your laptop for protection while travelling. The Kingsons Anti-Theft Laptop Locker also doubles as a bicycle locker, and it can easily fit into the standard size keyhole on most laptops (7x3MM). Priced at RM27.90, the locker comes with two keys.  

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7. Prevent your laptop from being stolen by wearing a backpack with anti-theft design (and comes with a USB charger for added convenience)

Image source: lazada.com.my

Carry your valuables without feeling the weight with this anti-theft, waterproof backpack that comes with a USB charger. Priced at RM39, the backpack’s Weight Balance Design lightens your load by 20%, and features an elastic bandage on the back (so you can attach it on your luggage), a reflective illuminating stripes (for nighttime safety, especially when you’re walking or cycling near the road), and a storage with seven compartments to keep different items, like a powerbank, a thermos bottle, clothes, books, an iPad, or a 15 inch laptop.  

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8. Deter intruders from entering your hotel room with a portable door stopper alarm

Image source: lazada.com.my

A portable door stop alarm can come in handy if you ever find yourself with no option but to stay at a dingy hotel with weak security, or a hotel located in an area with high crime rates. This wireless, lightweight door stopper alarm (RM25) features an adjustable High-Medium-Low sensitivity, a vibration sensor, a flexible wedge-shaped design to fit into any hinged door, and a high-pitched continuous siren (when activated); with no installation required.   

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9. Keep your kids near with a child-restraint travel leash

Image source: lazada.com.my

Travelling with young children is a challenge, and losing them in the crowd happens to a lot of parents. Keep your hyperactive child close by with a child leash for their own safety. This child leash by QNIGLO, priced at RM19.90, is 150cm-long and features a wrist link with automatic retraction. It’s made from soft sponge so your child won’t be hurt.

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10. Get a travel insurance or credit card travel cover for personal and financial protection

If you’re travelling internationally, getting a travel insurance or a credit card travel insurance might cover you financially, especially during an unexpected incident, for example, a lost luggage, cancelled flights, or medical emergencies. Read our blog to decide which one works better for you — a standalone travel insurance policy or a credit card travel cover.

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