15 Recommended Android Apps You Should Consider Downloading

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15 Superb Android Apps You Should Consider Downloading

Digital disruption is defined as the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

A clear sign of how these digital technologies have become omnipresent in our lives is our sheer dependency on smartphones and mobile apps. Almost every task nowadays can be done via our smartphones. There is an app for almost everything and a majority of them are available for free too!

According to GlobalStats, Google’s mobile operating system Android currently holds a 76.77% market share in Malaysia. This makes it the undisputed preferred mobile platform in the country.

So, if you happen to be an Android user, here’s our list of 15 recommended apps you should consider having on your mobile device. We’ve excluded from this list the prominent apps that usually come bundled in your phone like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc):

1. Spotify

Let’s face it, nobody buys physical music albums anymore. With Spotify, you have access not only to a world of music but also podcasts. Furthermore, there are ready-made playlist and personalized recommendations that suit your mood and taste.

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2. Shazam

We’ve all been through it before. A song plays on the radio and we find it to be really catchy. Despite liking it a lot, we have no idea what the title of the song or who the singer is. With Shazam, you can get the answer almost immediately!

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3. Netflix

The average monthly bill for a cable TV in Malaysia can range between RM40 to RM200. If you rarely watch TV but still want to enjoy brilliant movies, series or documentaries at home or on the go, consider switching to streaming services such as Netflix. That being said, Netflix can be accessed for free for the first month but comes with a paid subscription starting at RM33 per month for the subsequent months.

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4. GSC/TGV/MBO Cinemas

By purchasing your movie tickets online, you not only get to save time but also ensure you don’t miss out on your preferred seats. Of course, online purchases usually require you to become a member of a specific cinema chain. They do, however, come with plenty of additional privileges. So, whether GSC, TGV, or MBO is your preferred cinema, make sure you download the mobile app!

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5. ShopBack

For many of us these days, shopping simply means buying our favourite things through clicks and swift payments from the comfort of our homes. ShopBack takes online shopping to a whole new level by offering us cashback on all your purchases. With over 500 stores to choose from, you’ll definitely get to save more money!

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6. Grab

Let’s face it, everyone knows Grab by now. They started out as a ride-hailing app but has now evolved to include food delivery services and cashless payment solution.

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The popularity of social media apps such as Instagram has made it no longer acceptable to have “average” looking photos. Well, at least if you want to stand out, that is. VSCO enables you to edit and filter your photos with superior but easy-to-use presets.

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8. Mobile banking apps

This is one of the easiest ways to check your account balance, transfer money instantly, pay bills, and a lot more banking activities. Plus, with Malaysia heading towards a cashless society, why would you want to queue up at banks anyway?

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9. RAR

With more and more tasks being done on your mobile phone compared to a laptop or desktop, it is logical to have this compression and extractor app installed.

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10. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. From your LastPass vault, you can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in notes, and much more.

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Yes, we purposely put this app as the 11th item on the list. This app allows you to automatically encrypt your DNS queries. In non-technical terms, it means you have more privacy and security when you are online. Plus, it might even make your internet connection faster.

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12. Habit Tracker

One of the most effective ways to cut bad habits from your life is to track how often you do them. Once you see the patterns, it’s easier to break them. The same goes when you want to add some positive habits. Keeping track of your day with Habit Tracker will keep you accountable and responsible.

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13. Heimdall Parental Control

Exposing your children to the internet is inevitable. However, it is your responsibility as a parent to take control of what they access. This app helps you to protect your children by securing their phone or tablet and adding restrictions.

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14. Goodbudget

Based on a novel and time-tested budgeting system called envelope budgeting, the Goodbudget app helps you keep track of your income and expenses by putting each amount into a specific envelope. You only get to spend what’s in the envelope and save what’s left of it.

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15. Freeletics

Using the Freeletics app is like having a personal trainer right inside your mobile phone! The artificial intelligence coach learns from your feedback and performance and then designs complete training plans customised for you.

The app has over 140 types of exercises and more than 900 workout variations. This way you’ll never get bored and will be better equipped to avoid a plateau.

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