Save money while using your credit card

The main advantage of having a credit card is that you can spread across the cost of a purchase if you are unable to pay for it at once. If this is the reason you are getting a credit card for then you must shop around and choose the right credit card. The credit card… Read More »

Earn Enrich Miles and Save from Your Flight Trips

In a world that constantly changes, one thing that can be taken as a guarantee is the rise in cost of living. The rise in costs may not be in proportion to the rise in income and often it is the lack of this increase in disposable income that comes back to pinch us financially.… Read More »

Credit Card Frauds and what to be Aware of

In this day and age of technological advancements, even our use of currency is slowly being transformed to paperless forms of transactions. We may have numerous virtual payment systems and wallets available now but the earliest form of such alternate modes of payment. Their convenience has contributed to its wide acceptance and in certain sectors… Read More »

Need for a Life Insurance

Human life is linked with contingencies such as disability, accident, death, etc. When a human life is lost, there is a loss of income in the household. Though a human life cannot be valued, a monetary compensation can be determined based on the loss of income in the future years. Life Insurance is contract between… Read More »

This Ramadan Give Hope to the Deprived with Maybank

During Ramadan, all Muslims, who can afford, contribute a portion of their wealth in the form of Zakat. People seek different opportunities to give back to the human kind. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast during the day and also abstain from other pleasures. During this month, they contribute to… Read More »

Protection For Your Protector: Gift the Right Health Insurance Policy this Father’s Day

Often seen as protectors and a symbol of strength, fathers have always been a role model to us and have been there to pick us up when we fell. Our father was our first financial advisor who taught us that money doesn’t grow on trees and taught us the value of saving for a rainy… Read More »

Now, shop financial products online in Malaysia

Recently, online shopping for financial products has gone viral in Malaysia. Online shopping enables you enjoy a lot of lot of benefits such as such as convenience, better price and more variety. So, if you can enjoy all these benefits by sitting within the four walls of your home and shop with the help of… Read More »

6 habits that will turn you to a responsible credit card user

A credit can be extremely useful when it comes to manage your unexpected expenses. Life is full of uncertainties, and they may be times when you might need instant cash to meet your financial emergencies. In such situations, credit cards can really help you with providing instant cash.  Opting for a credit card is one… Read More »

This Mother’s Day a Movie for your Mom!

Mother’s Day is all around and you need to do something special for your mom. Well, you must be wondering what you should pick for her,  because when it comes to gifting someone special you always want to choose the best. What about planning a movie for your mom on this Mother’s Day and taking… Read More »

6 Key Highlights of the Malaysia Budget 2016

When the budget for Malaysia for 2016 was rolled out, it showcased the government’s firm commitment towards reducing its budget deficit as well as taking a long, hard look at the increasing day-to-day costs and expenses of living in Malaysia. Overall, the budgets seems to be quite balanced, with all sections of society seemingly benefiting… Read More »