Let’s Talk About Credit Cards: “Technically, a Credit Card Is Free…”

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Let’s Talk About Credit Cards: “Technically, a Credit Card Is Free...”

Credit cards are great tools of convenience which add a lot of value to your regular spends. But in order to make the most of them, you need to be financially disciplined. Also, it is very important for you to select a card that’s in line with your lifestyle needs and monthly budgets.

If you want to understand more about the shiny plastic money so that you make informed financial decisions, look no further!

In the second part of the opening episode of our video series Lets Talk About It, Illi, Virgel and Darwin continue their candid chat about credit cards, credit history and some investment options with Suraya, popular personal finance blogger and founder of Ringgit Oh Ringgit.

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Some of the interesting topics that they discussed included “Is a debit card better than a credit card?”, “Is having only one credit card enough?”, “Should you get credit cards with low annual fees?”, “How important is your credit history?” and “What’s the best investment option if you’ve RM1,000?

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Check out all the cool answers, and some useful pro-tips given by Suraya, in the video below:

One of the most interesting things that Suraya told our viewers was for all the concerns about credit cards being expensive, the fact remains that credit cards are technically free — if you pay all your monthly bills in full on time and it doesn’t charge any annual fees. It’s only when you miss payment deadlines that you incur interest charges!

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So the key takeaway is that if you remain financially disciplined, you can make your transactions convenient and take advantage of credit card benefits (like cashback, rewards, special promotions, etc.) without paying anything for it!

What you can also do is to go for a credit card that charges zero or low annual fee. Check out 6 Best No-Frills Credit Cards to Add Value to Your Spends and 6 Top Islamic Credit Cards with Great Benefits but No Annual Fee!

Stay tuned for more such videos in our ongoing series Let’s Talk About It!

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