Let’s Talk About All Things Money: The Importance of Delayed Gratification

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Let’s Talk About All Things Money: The Importance of Delayed Gratification

Your financial freedom depends on not just how much you make but also how well you manage it. And at times a little guidance, a few pro-tips and a bit of course correction can help us inculcate financial discipline into our lives. And the best part is, money advice need not always be jargon-laced or said in a manner that’s hard to comprehend or relate to. Yes, money talks can be fun too!

Don’t believe us? Read on as we demystify personal finance, just for you!

In the first part of the opening episode of our video series Let’s Talk About It, the amazing trio of Illi, Virgel and Darwin have a freewheeling conversation about money management with Suraya, popular personal finance blogger and founder of Ringgit Oh Ringgit

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They discuss a number of pertinent topics where Suraya shares some useful pro tips too. Questions include “What’s the biggest money lesson your parents taught you that you don’t follow today?”, “What’s your most embarrassing money story?” and “What’s the difference between people who’re good with money and those who’re not?

Check out all the cool answers in this video below:

One of the most interesting things Suraya tells our viewers in this discussion is the importance of delayed gratification when it comes to money management skills. Delayed gratification is when you want to buy something but you just don’t go ahead and make the purchase without putting a thought — you wait for some time, give yourself a time frame and ask yourself, say after a week or a month, whether you still want it. If you think you do, you then make the purchase; if not, you prevent a wasteful expense! 🙂

Delayed gratification as a strategy works towards limiting impulsive shopping and helps us better manage our money! So cool, right?

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Stay tuned for more such videos in our series Let’s Talk About It!

And do let us know if you want our experts to cover any specific personal finance topic in our upcoming episodes by commenting on our Youtube or Facebook page.

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