Latest Petrol Prices in Malaysia: RON95, RON97 Up by 4 sen, Diesel Unchanged

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Latest Petrol Prices in Malaysia

Moving from the monthly pricing system, the government has re-introduced the weekly petrol pricing system in the New Year. From now on, the new weekly prices for RON95 petrol, RON97 petrol and Diesel will be announced every Fridays.

Don’t forget to check this blog every Friday for the latest petrol prices in Malaysia.Here are the latest prices for RON95, RON97 and Diesel (per litre) for this week (February 9 to February 15, 2019):

RON95: 1.97 (+0.04)

RON97: 2.27 (+0.04)

Diesel: 2.18 (unchanged)

How prices have changed in the last 6 months

Which factors impact the change in fuel prices?

On a macro level, fuel prices in every country are impacted by the global demand and supply of crude oil, which depend on how much crude gets produced by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other major producers like Russia and U.S.

Having said that, the Malaysian managed float system is calculated by an Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) which basically takes into consideration the price of the refined petroleum products that determine fuel prices at the retail level. (Click here to read more on this).

How do I save on my fuel expenses?

Latest Petrol Prices in Malaysia: RON95, RON97 down by 27 sen, Diesel down by 14 sen

Here are some common tips to save on fuel expenses:

  • Go for the cheaper RON95, unless RON97 usage is recommended for your car engine
  • Minimise driving in rush hours as constant engine turn-offs and turn-ons consume more fuel
  • Always use online mapping services like Google Maps to reduce unnecessary driving
  • Turn on the air conditioning only when required
  • Check your tyre air pressure regularly
  • Avoid driving around with unnecessary weight in the boot
  • Drive at a moderate speed (it’s safer as well!), and avoid sudden acceleration
  • Never ditch regular car servicing
  • Your gear should be in proportion to the speed of your car while driving
  • Try to always park your vehicle in the shade
  • Use a credit card that rewards your petrol purchases

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And if you’re looking for a petrol credit card, here are some of the top options:

The Shell Citi Gold Credit Card (full review here) gives you up to 8% cash rebate on fuel refills at Shell stations. That being said, in order to bag the maximum cashback of 8%, you will need to spend RM2,500 or more in total in a month out of which not more than RM800 should be spent on Shell fuel.

The Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum (full review here) gives you 15% cashback on fuel refills, online purchases and automated bill payments when you spend in total RM2,500 or more in a month (total cashback capped at RM85).

Even the Hong Leong WISE Gold (full review here) credit card gives you up to 10% cashback every month on 2 out of 9 chosen spending categories. So all you gotta do is to choose “petrol” as one of your chosen spending categories and take advantage of the 10% cashback. However, you need to spend at least RM2,000 in a month to avail 10% cashback which is capped at RM100 per month.

Do check out our complete list of recommended credit cards to save more on your fuel expenses, apply for the one that best suits your requirements in minutes on BBazaar, and also get rewarded to exercise your choice! Get up to RM500 worth Petron Gift Voucher and Touch'N'Go card, absolutely FREE,, when you apply for a Citi, Alliance Bank or Standard Chartered Bank credit card, right here on BBazaar! APPLY TODAY! T&Cs apply.

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