5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

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5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

Starting and running a business can be both exciting and cumbersome. There are plenty of challenges to face especially in the early years of operation.

Thankfully, there are also plenty of factors that can serve as a source of encouragement. One of them is the fact that ASEAN is the world’s seventh largest economy. Another is that this region is the fourth largest and the fastest growing internet market on the planet!

The Malaysian startup scene is also supported by several government agencies, venture capitalists, and accelerators such as MaGIC, MTDC, MDeC, and many more. There are also plenty of new startup companies that one can take inspiration from, including the ones featured on this blog post.

Here are 5 interesting Malaysian startups that are worth keeping our eyes on:

1. Leave your laundry to Mama Wosh and relax

5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

A screenshot of Mama Wosh website

Other than restaurants and food outlets, what type of business can you find in almost every local neighbourhood nowadays? Easy, laundromats! They seem to pop up in every corner and are usually open 24 hours a day.

However, doing our laundry here can take up to around an hour of our time and there have been multiple reports of people having their clothes stolen when they leave the laundromats even for a short while.

This is where a company like Mama Wosh comes in handy. They are a full-service cleaning provider which even pick up and deliver your laundry for free. That way you can save even more time avoiding traffic and money for parking fees. In fact, their tagline is “Stop laundry. Start Living”.

With prices starting at RM6 per kg for wash and fold, they are about the same price you would pay at a laundromat. Furthermore, they also have a monthly subscription option on top of other services such as curtain and carpet cleaning and also clean and press for suits and cardigans.

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2. Keep your fruits fresher for longer with Stixfresh

5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

A screenshot of Stixfresh website

With the alarming amount of perishable fruits getting wasted around the world, many people feel the negative financial effects. Farmers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers can all benefit from an all-natural way of keeping fruits fresh for a longer time.

Stixfresh is a company based in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, which produces labelling stickers which can keep fruit looking and tasting farm fresh for up to 14 days longer. Officially established in 2017, they have sold over 1.3 million stickers so far.

To develop the technology, they teamed up with both local and overseas universities such as UPM, Bogor University, and the University of South Australia. On top of that, they also collaborated with research institutions such as MARDI and SIRIM.

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3. Make math fun with Zapzapmath

5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

A screenshot of Zapzapmath website

Founded in 2015 by Wei Chong, Max Teh, and Adam Goh, Zapzapmath may have found the solution to making math a fun subject! Targeted at kids from kindergarten to Grade 6 level, they help make math more engaging through a series of skill games.

This math app for kids allows children, parents, and teachers to interact in an interconnected mathematical universe where the latter can easily monitor real learning outcomes through Performance Analytics and Virtual Report Cards.

This local company has earned global recognition and their app is being used by schools as far as Hong Kong and Florida. They were crowned Best Startup at the Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE) 2017 in Hong Kong and listed at first place in the education category of the US App Store.

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4. Get affordable student accommodation with HostelHunting

5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

A screenshot of HostelHunting website

Acting like an Airbnb for student accommodation, HostelHunting currently operates in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Having been in operation since November 2014, they have thousands of verified rooms and apartments available, from hostel owners and educational institutions.

Its website allows students to filter through verified property listings by area or institution, and communicate directly with potential landlords through its messaging feature. HostelHunting takes a service fee for every successful booking.

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5. Keep your Wills safe with Willkey

5 Interesting Malaysian Startups to Look Out For

A screenshot of WillKey website

Willkey is the only Will storage service providers in Malaysia that do not require to be a part of your Will writing process and also do not charge any execution fees on your Will.

Established earlier this year, they offer a variety of storage options, including storing your original Will in what has been reported to be secure vaults, which is equipped fire suppression facilities, to store the Will. Furthermore, as they are positioned as a nationwide Will registry, they provide the service of ensuring that your Will is registered so that it may be found by your loved ones when needed.

Knowing where a person stored his Will is also extremely important, as many people do not disclose where they have kept their Will. There are also plenty of cases where the Will was misplaced by the testator.

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