VIDEO: How to Apply for a Credit Card on BBazaar Malaysia like a Breeze!

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VIDEO: How to Apply for a Credit Card on BBazaar Malaysia like a Breeze!

Gone are the days when you had to settle for the first credit card offered to you and ended up with a card that did not match your spending patterns or lifestyle requirements.

Despite the common misconception, credit cards are great tools of convenience that can play a critical role in your journey to achieve financial freedom. But not all credit cards are meant for you. For example, what’s the point of having a credit card that gives cashback at a high rate on petrol purchases if you don’t own a car or do not use it regularly?

Plus, there’s the all-important question of affordability — at times you may find the monthly spending requirements on your credit card for desired cashback or rewards too steep.

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It is in this context that BBazaar Malaysia becomes a game changer! We’re a neutral online marketplace for financial products like credit cards and personal loans, which helps you in choosing a product based on your unique needs and affordability. Something that is essential for you to maximise the value of every Ringgit you spend.

And applying for a credit card is a breeze on BBazaar Malaysia

Just log in to the portal, take a simple eligibility test and get a number of credit card options from our partner banks based on your financial standing (i.e. how much you make and how much is your outstanding debt on existing loans or cards). Examine all the options and choose the credit card that best suits your spending patterns and affordability. Fill in your details, and voila, you’re done!

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Just ensure you’ve in place all the necessary documents like copy of NRIC or passport, bank statements, salary slips, latest EPF statement, Business Registration Form (for self-employed professionals), etc.

Still not sure? Watch this video for a detailed step-by-step guide to applying for a credit card on BBazaar Malaysia!

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And what’s even better is that you’ll get rewarded for exercising your choice! Apply now for an Alliance Bank, Citi or Standard Chartered credit card on Bbazaar Malaysia and get a Tesco voucher worth RM120 or a Condotti 20” ABS Cabin Bag, absolutely FREE, on card approval.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of our ongoing promotion and apply for a credit card on BBazaar Malaysia today!

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