Grocery Price Comparison: Is There Any Difference Post-GST?

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Grocery Price Comparison: Is There Any Difference Post-GST?

Image source: stevepb/Pixabay

June 1 marked the new beginning for Malaysian consumers. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been set at 0% rate, and we’re currently enjoying a rare tax holiday before the Sales and Services Tax (SST) kicks in on September 1.

With GST out, I’m curious to find out whether the prices have reduced, remained unchanged, or worse, increased.

In the previous grocery experiments, we talked about how many items were we able to get (during GST and post-GST times) with a small budget of RM50. This time, we’ll find out which grocery items have increased or decreased in prices.

See if you can spot an increase or decrease in some of the grocery items listed, post-GST:

List of grocery items: Prices before (with 6% GST) and after (with 0% GST)

I made a long list of prices of grocery items with 6% GST rate before the new 0% GST rate took effect on June 1. I checked the prices on Tesco Online on May 31.

On July 6, I checked the grocery item prices on Tesco Online again to make a comparison. Let’s see if you can spot any differences in the prices, post-GST:


Grocery Items Price Before 1 June 2018
(Checked on
May 31)

Price After 1 June 2018 (Checked on July 6)

Dry/ Packaged Items Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich 12
Convi-Packs 360g
RM6.99/each RM8.97/each
Tong Garden Salted Cashew Nuts 40g RM3.99/each RM3.22/each
Campbell’s Creamy Chicken Mushroom Condensed Soup 305g RM5.15/each RM4.85/each
Knorr Chicken Porridge 3 Sachets x 35g RM3.79/each RM4.51/each
Adabi Sweet Kernel Corn 425g RM3.25/each RM3.06/each
Hosen Pickled Lettuce 170g RM5.39/each RM5.08/each
Ayamas Extra Spicy Chicken Curry With Potato 280g RM6.65/each RM6.27/each
Hosen Pineapple Cubes in Syrup 565g RM4.69/each RM5.93/each
Knorr Tom Yam 6 Cubes 72g RM2.75/each RM2.87/each
Hosen Fruit Cocktail Fiesta in Syrup 836g RM5.99/each RM7.16/each
F&N High Calcium Sweetened Creamer 500g RM3.39/each RM3.19/each
ESB Lychee in Syrup 565g RM5.19/each RM4.89/each
CED Pure Honey 500g RM8.99/each RM11.74/each
Kimball Macaroni 100% Durum Wheat Semolina 400g RM2.79/each RM3.19/each
Fuji Bakery Plain-Bun 275g RM4.35/each RM4.10/each
Jack ‘n Jill Salsa Chilli Potato Chips 60g RM2.59/each RM2.44/each
Hosen Rambutan in Syrup 565g RM7.39/each RM8.91/each
Apollo Pandan Layer Cake 8 x 18g RM3.59/each RM3.38/each
Chocolate Ring Donut 4pcs RM3.99/pack RM5.65/pack
Butter Croissant 4pcs RM6.19/pack RM7.97/pack
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereal 500g RM5.99/each RM12.50/each
Eva Strawberry Jam 450g RM4.29/each RM5.42/each
Habhal’s Cap Kipas Udang Sri Kaya 240g RM4.75/each RM4.48/each
AAA Longans In Syrup 565g RM6.49/each RM6.12/each
Ayam Brand Chunks Tuna in Water 185g RM6.59/each RM6.21/each
Maggi 2 Minute Curry Instant Noodles 5 x 79g RM3.89/each RM4.29/each
Wet/Chilled/Frozen Items
Hot & Spicy BBQ Marinade Chicken Wing RM14.99/kg RM16.97/kg
CF Chin Chow Manis 3 Packs x 260g RM2.99/each RM2.97/each
Ayamas Premium Black Pepper Chicken Cocktail Sausages 500g RM9.99/each RM10.93/each
Farm’s Best Chicken Burger 10 Pieces 600g RM6.80/each RM7.50/each
KG Frozen Mixed Vegetables 500g RM5.59/each RM5.59/each
CF Egg Tofu 3 x 120g RM1.90/each RM1.78/each
Nestlé Tradisi Sirap Bandung Klasik Potong Ice Cream 8x50ml RM6.49/each RM7.53/each
KG Pastry Mantou Pandan Oriental Bun 8pcs x 50g RM5.25/each RM5.51/each
Everbest Veg. Spring Rolls 450g (20pcs) RM9.39/each RM9.51/each
Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Quattro Formaggi 340g RM13.89/each RM16.50/each
Gourmessa Chicken Sandwich Square 100g RM6.35/each RM5.99/each
Nestlé Fat-Free Yogurt Strawberry 135g RM1.39/each RM1.87/each
Figo Fish Ball 1kg RM13.75/each RM17.53/each
Nestlé Neapolitan Ice Cream 1.5L RM5.99/each RM7.71/each
Fusipim Shoestring French Fries 1kg RM5.69/each RM6.40/each
Wattie’s Garden Peas 500g RM7.09/each RM7.09/each
Ayamas Golden Chicken Nuggets 850g RM11.89/each RM14.14/each
Marigold Mixed Peach Lemon Drink 6 x 250ml RM5.99/each RM5.65/each
F&N Sarsaparilla Cordial 2L RM7.39/each RM9.59/each
Nestlé Milo Activ-Go 3-in-1 Chocolate Malt Drink 18x33g RM11.49/each RM15.02/each
Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk 1 Litre RM6.65/each RM7.30/each
Pepsi Carbonated Cola Flavoured Drink 1.5L RM1.99/each RM3.00/each
F&N 100 Plus Isotonic Drink 325ml RM1.35/each RM1.35/each
Glucolin Original Glucose with Vitamin D 420g RM12.95/each RM12.21/each
Horlicks 3 in 1 Original Nutritious Malted Drink 10 x 28g RM11.80/each RM11.12/each
Nescafé Blend & Brew Rich 3 in 1 Premix Coffee 25 Stick Packs x 19g RM10.99/each RM13.49/each
Packaged Items Baking Ingredients
Swallow Globe Agar-Agar Powder 10g RM 3.69 each RM3.48/each
Nona Red Cherry 50g RM2.49/each RM4.00/each
Nona Chocolate Chips 50g RM2.29/each RM3.72/each
Nona Chocolate Rice 200g RM4.59/each RM6.59/each
Van Houten Cocoa Powder 100g RM6.99/each RM8.19/each
Nona Cooking Chocolate 200g RM3.79/each RM6.17/each
Tesco Baking Ingredient Walnut 75g RM6.49/each RM6.74/each
Blue Key Self-Raising Flour 1kg RM3.59/each RM4.14/each
Royal Baking Powder 113g RM5.49/each RM5.17/each
Anchor Cheddar Cheese 24 Slices 400g RM16.09/each RM15.17/each
Star Brand Lemon Food Flavouring 25ml RM2.40/each RM2.40/each
Planta Multi-Purpose Margarine 480g RM7.99/each RM9.14/each
Gula Prai Caster Sugar 500g RM2.39/each RM2.39/each
Gula Prai Icing Sugar 500g RM2.54/each RM2.54/each
Cooking Ingredients
Peace Brand Fancy Grade Whole Mushrooms 425g RM5.39/each RM5.08/each
MasFood 101 Instant Curry Paste 230g RM3.99/each RM4.55/each
Maggi Chicken Stock Cube 6x10g RM2.79/each RM2.73/each
Daisy Corn Oil 549ml RM6.99/each RM6.59/each
Gemini Pure Corn Flour 350g RM1.35/each RM1.27/each
Tamin Vinegar 330ml RM2.19/each RM2.06/each
Ferry Brand Silver Pomfret Fish Sauce 200g RM3.29/each RM3.10/each
Tesco Choice Anchovy Stock Cube 6x11g RM2.65/each RM2.50/each
Megah Mee Wanton Noodle 300g RM3.15/each RM2.97/each
Prego Traditional Tomato Spaghetti Sauce 300g RM4.19/each RM4.70/each
Maggi Cukup Rasa All-in-One Seasoning 300g RM6.00/each RM5.66/each
Bestari Premium Potato Starch 350g RM5.99/each RM5.65/each
Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil 207ml RM9.29/each RM8.76/each
Mauri-pan Instant Yeast 11g RM2.19/each RM2.06/each
Cheong Kim Chuan Premium Grade Fruit Salad Dressing (Sambal Rojak) 180g RM3.15/each RM2.97/each
Delimas Crispy Prawn Chilli 180g RM8.35/each RM7.87/each
Life Chilli Sauce 500g RM3.60/each RM3.39/each
Life Plum Sauce 250g RM3.59/each RM3.38/each
Kimball Oyster Sauce 510g RM5.45/each RM5.14/each
Maggi Tomato Sauce 475g RM3.19/each RM3.91/each
Kimball Spaghetti 400g RM2.79/each RM3.19/each
Naturel Vitamin E Sunflower Oil 2.2 Liter RM17.79/each RM16.78/each
Aji-No-Moto 150g RM3.69/each RM3.48/each
Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml RM14.15/each RM13.34/each
Tean’s Gourmet Paste for Rendang (Meat) 200g RM5.29/each RM4.99/each
Jalen Sweet Soy Sauce 650ml RM4.99/each RM5.18/each
Manja Chilli Boh 900g RM2.69/each RM3.19/each
S&P Santan Instant Coconut Cream Powder 50g RM2.75/each RM2.59/each

*Price hikes have been italicised.

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Some observations on the prices

Image source: maabsnco0/Pixabay

Based on the list above, things aren’t looking so great for bakers and baking enthusiasts, as prices of many baking ingredients have increased.

Many processed food items, whether chilled, frozen, canned etc., and beverages have seen a price hike. Out of curiosity, I checked the prices of chilled and frozen items at several other supermarkets and grocery stores, to see whether the prices have changed.

I found out that prices of frozen food items, mainly items like nuggets, fish balls, sausages, french fries, and the likes have either remain unchanged or worse, they’ve seen a hike.

I noticed that for many items with increased prices, they cost 20 cents-RM3 more. But I’m shocked by Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereal (500g) price, which has gone from RM5.99 to a whopping RM12.50.

I wonder if the prices of such items will see further increase when SST is in force? I might do another comparison for this. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, prices of most cooking ingredients have been reduced, which is a good news!  Prices of some items, like icing sugar and caster sugar, remain unchanged.

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Your rights as a consumer

Image source: maabsnco0/Pixabay

If you have any complaint as a consumer or think the price hikes are unreasonable, you may lodge a report to KPDNKK via:

  • The nearest KPDNKK branch/office
  • Online portal eAduan
  • Email: [email protected]
  • KPDNKK’s mobile app: Ez ADU KPDNKK (iOS, Android)
  • The Information and Strategic Operations Movement Center (PIGOS) toll-free line: 03-8882 6088 or 03-8882 6245
  • The Consumer Hotline: 1800-886-800
  • The 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC) line: 03-8000 8000

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Find the best deals for consumers and more at, a government portal for Malaysian consumers

A screengrab of homepage

Visit the government’s 1Pengguna portal to:

  • Find the best deals for consumers,
  • Compare prices of grocery items and other goods,
  • Find the nearest discount stores,
  • Find out the right prices of goods,
  • Apply for Kad Diskaun Siswa (Student Discount Card),
  • Register for the Food Truck programme, and more.  

It’s worthwhile to point out here that a grocery credit card goes a long way in helping you save more on your grocery spends. That said, always consider things like minimum spend requirements and cashback caps before you choose a card that best suits your spending patterns.

Don’t forget to check out some of the best grocery credit cards and cashback credit cards in Malaysia right now.

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