Do you need Travel Insurance while travelling?

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Travel Insurance Malaysia

Are you planning a trip aboard without purchasing travel insurance?  Don’t do that mistake!  You may end up losing a huge portion of your savings, if you have to encounter some unforeseen occurrences during your travel. There are many insurance providers that offer travel insurance in Malaysia at affordable rates with comprehensive coverage.

Now, what is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a kind of mutual promise between you and your insurance provider where you provide a certain amount of money to your insurance provider on monthly, quarterly or annual basis to receive financial assistance in return. Your insurance provider would offer you financial coverage to deal with various emergencies and unforeseen situations during you travel.  Based on your requirements, you can opt for both single and multi –trip travel insurance cover.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance usually provide coverage for all important aspects pertaining to travel.  They include:

  • Loss of baggage: What if you have lost your baggage during travel?  Or, what if your high end-camera is lost during the course of your journey. Don’t worry.  Your travel insurance policy would provide cover for the lost or theft done to your personal belongings like camera and baggage etc.
  • Delayed flights: Suppose your flight gets delayed, affecting your other scheduled travel plans.  There are travel insurance policies which provide cover for such delays as well. You can claim refunds and make new travel arrangements.
  • Trip cancellations charges: Travel insurance policies also provide cover for trip cancellations. If you have to cancel a scheduled trip because of some personal or professional emergencies, you can claim refund of your payments with a travel policy which provides cover for trip cancellation.   
  • Medical emergencies: Life is full of uncertainties and anything might happen to you during your travel.  What if you meet with an accident or fall sick? Even if you have a medical insurance, it may not cover such medical emergencies at your destination country. So, how will you pay for the medical expense incurred in treating such medical emergencies aboard? Only  if you have a travel insurance policy, you can be saved from such situations.
  • Damaged done to your personal belongings:  Not only loss of luggage, damage caused to personal belongings during travel is also covered by travel insurance.  For example, if you arrive at the baggage hall to find your luggage is damaged, you can always contact the airport authority and collect necessary documents to initiate a claim form your travel insurance provider.
  • Concierge services: You can enjoy a host of concierge services with your travel insurance policy. You can call your insurance provider and get 24/7 medical and travel emergency assistance services, restaurant referrals, movie and theater information, hotel recommendations and reservations, golf course recommendations, and floral services etc.
  • Emergency evacuation: Sometime you may fall sick during your travel and need medical treatment which is not available at your destination country. In that case, you travel insurance policy would arrange for your emergency evacuation ad help you reach a place where you can avail your required treatments.

Key benefits of purchasing travel insurance

A trip to abroad accompanied by a travel insurance policy can help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete peace of mind.
  • Protection against unexpected incidents.
  • You don’t have spent your hard earned savings paying for unexpected occurrences during  your travel.
  • Get free travel advice and get global coverage for loss of baggage, personal accident/sickness and damage caused to your belongings.

When to book travel insurance

You should plan for a travel insurance policy before you book your travel tickets. It is important you include travel insurance as an important part of your travel planning and purchase it before you make a move.


Different travel insurance policies have different benefits and exclusions. So, pause for a while and try to identify your requirements. Then, opt for travel insurance policy customized to your needs.  Always give some time to read carefully, be the policy document you purchase for it. The premiums of your travel insurance may vary based on the policy you have chosen. Although travel insurance cannot help you avoid misfortunes during your travel, it can offer consolation in the form of monetary compensation and complete peace of mind.


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