Citi Simplicity+ Review: A Simple, yet Unique Credit Card

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With most credit cards in Malaysia offering interest rates that range between 15% p.a. to 18% p.a., finding a low-interest card that suits your needs can get a little tricky.  But what if someone told you that you can save on the interest charges you pay every month to your card company when you don’t pay the full monthly bill? Wouldn’t you be eager to find out more? A no-frills credit card that’s comparatively low on interest rates and yet simple in its working can be a welcome option.

The Citi Simplicity+  is one such credit card.

Read our review to find out what’s unique about this credit card. And if you like it, you can also apply for it at the bottom of this blog, and get an attractive gift!

Earn interest back with your credit card

Interest charges can account for a major chunk of what you pay back to your credit card issuer, especially when you can afford to pay only the minimum balance on most occasions. With the Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card, you don’t have to worry about losing out on all that money.

For starters, you get back 10% of the interest you pay on retail purchases and cash advances every month as a rebate. To be eligible for this rebate, all you need to do is pay at least the minimum outstanding amount on time every month.

What’s more? There’s no specified limit on the amount of rebate you can earn in a month. So, you can save quite a bit of money as you transact more with this card.

The best part is that the “interest back” you get will be credited in your next statement automatically so you can have a hassle-free user experience.

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Other features that you should know about

Image source: Citibank Malaysia

The Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card prides itself on being a card that keeps things simple. This credit card doesn’t get you confused with features like capped rewards, conditional usage, or even additional fees and charges.

In fact, you don’t have to deal with a late payment fee or even over-limit charges. That’s not all; the card’s annual fee is waived for life too!

As an added bonus, you can enjoy offers in multiple categories, including shopping, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness among others.

You can even take advantage of attractive offers at more than 24,000 partnering outlets in Malaysia and across the world with Citi World Privileges.

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Are there any joining promotions?

  • Get RM200 as cashback when you spend at least RM1,500 on retail purchases within 60 days of your card getting approved, and/or
  • Get a 20″ trolley bag worth RM299 when you activate your Citi credit card within 60 days of getting approved. Both of these offers are valid until 31 January 2019.

You can check out the bank website for a number of other promotional offers on dining, shopping and hotel stays.

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Eligibility criteria

Minimum age requirement for the principal cardholder 21 years
Minimum age requirement for the supplementary cardholder 18 years
Annual income requirement RM24,000 p.a.

Fees and charges

Annual fee (principal card) Free for life
Annual fee (supplementary card) Free for life
Retail interest rate 15% p.a. to 18% p.a. based on your repayment behaviour over the last 12 months
Cash advance interest rate 18% p.a. daily interest
Cash advance fee The higher amount between 5% of the cash advance sum and a minimum of RM20
Monthly repayment instalment 5% of the outstanding balance that’s subject to a minimum amount of RM50
Late payment fees Zero charges
Over-limit fees Zero charges
Interest-free period 20 days from the statement date as long as you’ve paid your previous outstanding balance in full on or before the due date
Maximum credit limit RM450,000

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To sum things up, the lack of complicated conditions makes the Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card stay true to its name. But what makes it unique is its feature to offer 10% unlimited interest back every month (when you just make the minimum payment) apart from no late payment and over-limit charges. And all this with zero annual fee makes it even better! So if you’re looking for your first credit card or you’re someone who regularly misses your payment deadlines, this credit card can certainly work for you.

But if you want more enhanced features from your credit card like cashback on groceries or petrol, or accumulate air miles which may give you discounted air tickets, lounge access, etc., this might not be the best option.

Love the uncomplicated yet unique features of Citi Simplicity+ Card? Apply for it on BBazaar and get an attractive gift!

Citi Simplicity+ Card
Apply Now
  • Get 10% interest back on purchases and cash advances every month if you pay at least the minimum amount that’s due on time

    There’s no limit on the amount of rebate you can get

    Zero late payment charges or over limit fees

  • Minimum income – RM24,000 p.a

    Minimum age – 21 years old

    For Salaried Employees: Copy of MyKad, latest EPF statement, latest 6 months’ salary slips, latest 6 months’ bank statements and Form BE with tax payment receipt

    For Self-Employed Professionals: Copy of MyKad, Business Registration Certificate (ROC & ROB), latest 6 months’ bank statements and Form BE with tax payment receipt

  • Annual fee: Principal card – Free for life. Supplementary card – Free for life

    Interest rates: 15-18% p.a.

    Late payment charges: Nil

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