Citi Clear Card Review: An Affordable Credit Card with Cool Shopping and Lifestyle Benefits

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Citi Clear Card Review: An Affordable Credit Card with Cool Shopping and Lifestyle BenefitsImagine shopping at your favourite store and getting rewarded every time you swipe your card there. Well, this becomes a reality with the Citi Clear Card. Not only do you get loads of reward points at selected outlets but you also get access to a number of benefits and privileges at cinemas, cafes, and more.

Before we look at the nitty gritty of the card, here’s an overview of what we liked about the Citi Clear Card and what didn’t strike our fancy as much.

What we like the most 🙂 What isn’t that great 🙁
Up to 3x Citi Rewards points on selected retail purchases

Complimentary tickets at GSC and TGV, 1-for-1 drinks at CBTL outlets

3x Citi Rewards points only available at select outlets in Malaysia

Only 1x Citi Rewards for other retail spends

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Now let’s dive into the details of the Citi Clear Card. First, we start with the reward points.

Shop till you drop and earn tons of rewards points

For starters, you earn 3x Citi Rewards points every time you swipe your card at participating merchant outlets. Wait, there’s more. Besides these points, you also get 1x Citi Rewards points on all your other retail transactions. And the icing on the cake—evergreen points that never expire!

Below is a list of the select outlets you can earn 3x points at:

  • Borders
  • Sakae Sushi
  • GAP
  • Topman
  • G2000
  • Topshop
  • La Senza
  • Vincci
  • Zouk Club KL
  • Roxy
  • Quicksilver

What you should keep in mind

  • Not all the transactions on your card will fetch you points. For instance, cash advance and Government Service Tax payments will not be awarded points
  • The points you earn are evergreen and you can redeem them for gifts whenever you want. Click here for more information
  • The conversion rate stands at RM1 for every 400 Citi Rewards points earned

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Enter the world of privileges

Complimentary tickets at GSC and TGV

With the Citi Clear Card, you get exclusive access to certain deals and discounts. Let’s start with the cinema privileges you will enjoy.

When you buy a ticket at the Gold Screen Cinemas on their mobile app or website, you get one complimentary ticket. This is available every Friday. Similarly, you also get a complimentary ticket at TGV on a Friday when you buy the tickets over-the-counter at any TGV outlet. With this card in your hand, your movie experience is about to get much more affordable!

Keep in mind:

  • This offer is only available for ticket purchases on Friday movie screenings and not on advance bookings
  • This offer is only applicable for normal seats in the cinema hall, not specials seats like ‘Gold Class Seats’, ‘Premier Seats’, etc.
  • This offer isn’t valid for children tickets
  • You’re eligible for a maximum of 1 complimentary ticket per transaction per day at GSC and TGV

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1-for-1 beverage at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets

Besides cinema privileges, you also get free treats at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets in Malaysia. Anytime between Monday and Friday, you get 1-for-1 drinks at CBTL outlets.

Keep in mind:

  • The complimentary drink must be of equal value or lower value than the drink you have purchased at CBTL
  • You can get a maximum of 1 complimentary per transactions per day
  • This offer is not available HSBC Lebuh Ampang, KLIA Arrival Hall (MTB) and East Malaysia outlets

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Citi Clear Card
Card Type : Rewards
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Apply Now
  • Earn 3x Citi Rewards points for every RM1 spent at selected retail outlets in Malaysia

    Get a complimentary movie ticket on Fridays when you buy one at GSC

  • Minimum income – RM24,000 p.a.

    Minimum age – 21 years old

    For Salaried Employees: Copy of MyKad latest EPF statement, latest 6 months’ salary slips, latest 6 months’ bank statements, and Form BE with tax payment receipt

    For Self-Employed Professionals: Copy of MyKad, Business Registration Certificate (ROC & ROB), latest 6 months’ bank statements and Form BE with tax payment receipt

  • Annual fee: Principal card – RM90. Supplementary card: RM60. The annual fee will be waived for the first three years if you activate your card within 60 days of approval.

    Interest rates: 15-18% p.a.

    Late payment fee: 1% of outstanding balance subject to a minimum of RM10 and a maximum of RM100

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Say goodbye to high annual fees

One of the highlights of this card is the annual fee waiver. For the first 3 years, you won’t have to worry about paying fees for both your principal and supplementary cards. However, you will need to activate your card within 60 days of approval to access this waiver.

Even post the waiver, the annual fees for the card are comparatively less. For the principal card, the annual fee is RM90 and RM60 for the supplementary card (both exclusive of taxes).

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Other benefits of this card

Even though this card is affordable, it’s still packed with multiple benefits you can enjoy. To begin with, you get up to 50% discount and preferential treatment at over 24,000 outlets in Malaysia and worldwide. With Citi World Privileges, you can access these discounts for dining, shopping, leisure, and travel.

Then there are Instant Rewards that lets you redeem your points for a wide range of products. Through Citi Instant Rewards, you can purchase items at participating merchant outlets and pay for them instantly with the points you have accumulated. It’s that simple! You can either pay in points partially or in full. The current conversion rate stands at RM1 for every 400 Citi Rewards points.

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Let’s start with what we liked about the Citi Clear Card. To begin with, it’s an affordable and low maintenance card. The low annual income requirement and the low annual fees post the waiver ensures easy management.

But while you do get 3x Citi Reward points on retail purchases, it’s limited to certain outlets. The rewards programme for this particular card may not be the best out there but the other privileges make up for it. Complimentary movie tickets and drinks, instant rewards, and access to discounts at thousands of outlets—these features do stand out.

The limitation in terms of the number of participating merchant outlets to earn 3x points may be seen as a negative by those who do not frequently shop or visit those stores. But if you do, you’ll accumulate a pool of rewards points in no time!

Overall, it’s safe to argue that the Citi Clear Card, with its host of cool offers and lifestyle benefits, is a good option, especially for young users.

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