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All You Need to Know about BR1M

In an effort to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, the BR1M or the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia was launched in 2012 wherein a single payment of RM 500 was given to the low income households in Malaysia. Not everyone qualified for it though because the pay-out was based on age. For those individuals hailing from… Read More »

Tips While Applying For Student / Education Loan

Education is more expensive than diamonds nowadays. One can’t get quality education from a reputed university without burning a hole in their pockets and that’s where education loans come to the rescue. Education/student loans provide finances to pursue your dream course/ subject. If you haven’t saved up for your college then student loan is your… Read More »

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Securing A Personal Loan

Personal loan – the name itself points out to the loan’s supportive characteristics. Personal loans can be availed for a host of miscellaneous financial reasons. Be it a wedding in the family or a pending exotic vacation or that long-coveted electronic gadget, personal loans offer cash for almost all sudden and planned expenses. While the… Read More »

Best resources for small Business Loans

Starting a new business can be exciting as well as terrifying. You might have a brilliant idea for a business but you need enough finances to put the idea into action. Finding resources for a new business can be harrowing especially if you do not have any credit history. Finding finance for your start-ups can… Read More »

How does availing a loan affect Credit Score?

A loan is an amount that is given from a lender to a borrower with the promise of repayment. This loan can be of various types like a car loan, personal loan, and home loan and so on. A loan is generally given on an interest rate and the borrower is expected to repay the… Read More »

Top things to watch out for while securing loan

  In today’s fast paced world there is no predictability as to what life may throw towards you. In order to be prepared for all pleasant and unpleasant surprises that may be in store for you, financial backup is required. While saving for such uncertainties is certainly the best way to go about this, there… Read More »