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Now, shop financial products online in Malaysia

Recently, online shopping for financial products has gone viral in Malaysia. Online shopping enables you enjoy a lot of lot of benefits such as such as convenience, better price and more variety. So, if you can enjoy all these benefits by sitting within the four walls of your home and shop with the help of… Read More »

What is the process of Home Loan?

A home is the most expensive and durable purchase a customer is likely to make in his lifetime. A home loan from a bank provides him with the finances he needs or buying or constructing his dream house. A home loan is usually a long tenure loan stretching into tens of years. There are several… Read More »

How To Reduce Burden When Repaying Home Loan?

Home loan is a loan granted by a bank or a financial company to assist one buy their dream house or flat. Home loans are equal to superheroes  for people who wish to buy their dream house but don’t have the finances for the same. So you bought your dream house with a view of… Read More »

Things to consider before taking a housing loan in Malaysia

  Deciding to build or buy a house is always a huge decision. It requires a commitment on time and money that many can find rather daunting. This means that you, as a potential new homeowner, need to be very careful when making any decision related to a new house. Since the acquisition of a… Read More »