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Why Invest in a Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are a common investment choice for the first-time investors. They offer moderately good returns and you don’t take a huge risk. Fixed deposits are also called as time deposits, you will be putting aside a certain amount in the bank for a fixed period of time. You cannot make any withdrawals during that… Read More »

Now, shop financial products online in Malaysia

Recently, online shopping for financial products has gone viral in Malaysia. Online shopping enables you enjoy a lot of lot of benefits such as such as convenience, better price and more variety. So, if you can enjoy all these benefits by sitting within the four walls of your home and shop with the help of… Read More »

Poor Performing Fixed Deposits: How to Better Them

We’ve all wanted to watch our money grow and one of the easiest ways of generating wealth is using the fixed deposit investment method. Fixed deposits are probably the safest form of investment as most fixed deposits are insured by PIDM. Not only that, they guarantee a return on the investment and all one needs… Read More »

How Do Fixed Deposits Work?

Fixed deposits Fixed deposit or FD, as called in Malaysia, is a deposit that will earn the investor a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account. In this kind of term deposit, the investor deposits a sum of money for a definite period of time and earns interest for the same. Funds in… Read More »