10 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Go Easy on Your Wallet

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10 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Go Easy on Your Wallet

Image source: rawpixel/Pixabay

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to plan for something special to honour the lovely woman in your life. For those on a tight budget, here are a few suggestions to celebrate your mom or the mother of your children:

  • Organise a breakfast in bed
  • Plan an activity together (like a picnic in the park)
  • Give mom the day off (and treat her to a little DIY spa/massage at home)
  • Throw her a little party at home (and watch a Mother’s Day-themed movie)
  • DIY your card and gift

If you prefer to get a Mother’s Day gift, we’ve found several awesome artisanal gifts which you can also personalise to make it more meaningful. Plus, they won’t cost you a lot.

Just like the sacrifices made by your mother, such artisanal gifts have been made personally and painstakingly by the makers with love. All of the products are made in Malaysia, so this means that you’ll also be supporting Malaysian makers and crafters!

Here’s a list of 10 artisanal and personalised gift ideas for moms that go easy on your wallet. In fact, all our suggestions are priced under RM50!

1. Custom Calligraphy Card with Envelope (RM5)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

The Custom Calligraphy Card with Envelope by Lettering By Heart features a basic stock card in four different colours (choose between white, black, maroon, or dark blue) and an envelope. You can personalise the text on card and envelope (choose the text colour between black, white, or gold).

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2. Handmade 3D Greeting Card – ‘I Love Mom’ (RM20)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

A 2D card is so yesterday. Give your millennial mom an intricate and handmade 3D card instead! The ‘I Love Mom’ Handmade 3D Greeting Card by Chariliv Message will wow your mom as soon as she flips open the card. You can customise the card by inserting a photo and also personalise the text message.

3. Personalised Concrete Coaster (RM21.90)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

For a special home décor, give your mom a Personalised Concrete Coaster by Heap of Love. The coaster comes in different shapes and colours, and you can choose between a hexagon or round shaped (plain colour or gold-plated). There’s an additional RM3 charge if you choose a gold-plated coaster in either shape. You can also write your own message on the coaster.

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4. Personalised Hello! Square Pillow (RM22)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

After a long day of hard work, let your mom rest comfortably with these super adorable Personalised Hello! Square Pillow by Bagdeal Studio. You can put your mom’s name on the pillow and choose any colour for the bubble.  

5. Mother’s Day Amazin’ Nuts Variety Box (RM29.90)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

Perfect for foodie moms who love to snack, the Mother’s Day Amazin’ Nuts Variety Box by Amazin’ Graze contains five small packs of healthy and crunchy nuts in various flavours: Coconut Curry Lime, Tom Yum Kaffir Lime, Pandan Coconut, Zesty Maple Glazed Nut, and Berry-licious Trail Mix. You can also personalise the box by writing your own message to mom at the back of the box. How neat is that!

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6. Camellia Oil Hair Serum/Treatment Oil (RM30)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

Suitable for all hair types, your beauty-conscious mom would definitely be grateful for this hair serum/treatment oil by Buffy Bath. The antioxidant-rich camellia oil is highly moisturising, and it is perfectly blended with lavender and rosemary essential oils which helps in:

  • Balancing sebum production,
  • Clearing up clogged pores,
  • Stimulating scalp circulation, and
  • Promoting healthy hair growth by preventing breakage and split ends.

7. Handmade Statement Ring (RM30)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

For the stylish mom, this Handmade Statement Ring by BeMoon would be an eye-catching addition to her collection. The beautiful brass ring features mosaic tile inlay with gold details, showcasing the homogeneity in various cultural influences. The ring is adjustable in size, and you can also choose the design and shape of the ring (e.g. square, teardrop).

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8. Wildforest Series Hand-Painted Mirror (RM35)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

Young-at-heart moms would delight in this lovely Wildforest Series Hand-Painted Mirror by Skies of Lydia. The hand-painted mirror features an illustration of rabbits playing merrily among the flowers that bloom in a dark forest.

9. Personalised Mother’s Day Puzzle (RM42.70)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

How cool would it be to have some fun and bond with your mother over a puzzle, especially the one featuring a photo of you and your mom? Choose which favourite photo of yours to be featured on the puzzle, and complete it together with your mom. The personalised A5-sized puzzle by Lavender Shop Co contains 80 pieces of puzzles.

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10. Handmade Eco-Friendly Cork Wallet (RM43)

Image source: Camdy.com.my

Perfect for moms who are eco-conscious and vegans, the Handmade Eco-Friendly Cork Wallet by EcoQuote is handmade from oak tree’s skin. It’s water, fungus, and stain resistant. Elastic with a supple touch, the sustainable wallet also contains natural properties and is fire retardant.

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