4 Affordable Pay-Per-Entry Gyms Under RM15 in PJ & SJ

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Image source: javi_indy / Freepik

Most of us are probably aware of Malaysia’s high obesity ranking. Being “Asia’s fattest country”, as called by the New York Times, something needs to be done about obesity in Malaysia. It’s time we take better care of our health, as healthcare isn’t cheap.

The typical Malaysian lifestyle is probably what causes the high obesity rate. Many of us are sedentary because of our office jobs, we seldom exercise, and we eat whenever we want (the 24-hour restaurants are the culprits). Also, we rarely walk or cycle to work, which is understandable due to the hot weather, and that most areas in Malaysia are not pedestrian or cyclist-friendly.

To fight obesity or improve your health, the solutions are simple and obvious: start eating healthy and exercise regularly.

While there are many ways to exercise on a budget, some of you might still prefer to go to the gym. We’ve found a few affordable pay-per-entry gyms that are worth checking out. Perfect for those who can’t commit to full gym memberships, pay-per-entry gyms can also be a great alternative for gym newbies.

Here’s a list of 4 affordable pay-per-entry gyms in Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya (and some basic tips for newbies to save more at the gym):

1. Blitz Gym

Image source: Blitz Gym’s website

Known for their ‘pay per entry’ concept, Blitz Gym provides flexible and affordable workout without any contract, hidden charges, admin or registration fees.

The gym is suitable for those who are trying to lose weight, bulk up, maintain or condition their bodies. There are varieties of strength, weightlifting and cardio equipment for use.

Being a beginner-friendly gym, the management also has their staff ready to guide you through the equipment and machines at any time. Personal training packages are also available if you’re serious about taking your health and fitness to another level.   

Pay-Per-Entry Rate: RM9

Opening Hours: 8.30am – 11.30pm (Mon-Sat), 9.30am – 9.30pm (Sun)

Website: Blitz Gym


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2. Hale Athletics

Image source: Hale Athletic’s Facebook page

Previously known as QLS, the newly rebranded Hale Athletics specialises in day-to-day fitness, body transformation and rehab, and more. They also aim to teach people about lifting, nutrition, and health.  

Pay-Per-Entry Rate: RM15

Opening Hours: 1pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 10.30am – 5pm (Sat). Closed on Sundays.

Website: Hale Athletics


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3. Iron Bull Gym

Image source: Iron Bull Gym’s Facebook page

One of the few gyms that are open for 24 hours, Iron Bull focuses mostly on cardio, weightlifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness, and hardcore workout. You can also find nutritious meals served fresh at the gym.

At the 10,000 sqft high-ceiling warehouse gym, you can find the following equipment for any type of gym member to use:

  • Prowler sled (for crossfit training)
  • Grass track (for running back and forth or tyre exercises)  
  • Dumbbell sets
  • Smith machines
  • Cable cross
  • Abs coasters
  • Plate loaded machines
  • Spinning bikes
  • Treadmills

Pay-Per-Entry Rate: RM15 (There’s a RM100 registration fee for new members)

Opening Hours: 24 hours (closed on Sundays at midnight until 6am on Mondays for maintenance)

Website: Iron Bull Gym


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4. Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre

Image source: Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre’s Facebook page

Another gym that is open for 24 hours, the two-floor fully-equipped gym Body Factory features training equipment that includes:

  • Cardiovascular machines (e.g. elliptical trainers and treadmills)
  • Weight machines
  • A squat rack
  • Bench
  • Dumbbells (from 1kg to 50kg)

Personal training services, yoga, and other fitness classes are also available (with protein bars and boost juices). Other available facilities include a sauna and separate showers.

Pay-Per-Entry Rate: RM8

Opening Hours: 24 hours (Mon-Sun)

Website: Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre


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Newbie’s basic tips to save more at the gym

Are you a gym newbie? These are some basic tips to save more at the gym:

  • Use the KFit app – To find cheap fitness classes for up to 70% off, you can use the KFit app. The app helps you find affordable gyms and fitness activities nearby, from yoga, kickboxing, pilates, to crossfit. The app also helps you find the best places to pamper yourself (e.g. facials, spas, massages, acupuncture treatment).
  • Take advantage of your insurance benefits – Some health insurance plans, like AIA Vitality, allows you to save up to 50% on Fitness First Gym membership fees. See what your insurance plan has to offer, for example, gym membership fee discounts or cashback, and take advantage of it.   
  • Compare prices at your nearby gyms – The best gym should be close enough to your house or workplace for convenience. Request for a tour at each gym, and find out as many information as you can (e.g. facilities or classes available).
  • Take advantage of free trials – Most well-known fitness chains offer free trials for prospective members. If you’re planning to go to a fitness chain, try out the free trials first to see whether you’ll be a good fit.
  • Join with a group – Most gyms will offer group discounts if you show up with a group of four people or more, so get your friends and family to join you at the gym.
  • Take advantage of income tax relief on gym membership: You can claim tax relief of upto RM2,500 in a year for self, spouse or child on lifestyle expenses like computers and smartphones, reading material, newspapers, sports equipment, monthly internet subscription and gym memberships.

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