6 Absolutely Unique Hotels in Malaysia You Should Experience

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6 Absolutely Unique Hotels in Malaysia You Should Experience

Image source: The Love Bug Suite at Hotel Maison Boutique

It’s an open secret that almost every single one of us would love to travel more. Yes, even the indoor-loving introverts out there. The only problems preventing us from doing it more frequently are the lack of time and funds. But fear not, as we can help you out with the latter through our blog post on 5 Cool Money-Saving Travel Tips.

When it comes to travelling, there are some who put little emphasis on accommodation. They are pretty content with staying in small dormitories or sleeping on buses or at mosques, as long as they get to enjoy the destination.

For others though, accommodation is part of the overall travel experience. A good and unique hotel can enhance your overall visit to a certain place. Choosing a unique accommodation is also a vital factor when you decide to go on a staycation at a familiar location.

Here, we list down 6 unique hotels in Malaysia that will help enhance your vacation experience.

1. Malihom Private Estate, Balik Pulau

Malihom is a homegrown retreat tucked away in a 40-acre rainforest estate in Balik Pulau, Penang. Here, guests will get to stay at one bedroom villas which are built as traditional Thai Lanna Rice Barns. These barns have been part of Thailand’s landscape for hundreds of years and are now classified as the country’s National Heritage.

Initially intended as a private holiday home, Malihom took seven years to build. Each piece of the barns had to be dismantled, shipped 2,000 km from Chiangmai to Penang, and patiently reassembled back to its form.

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2. Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Image source: Container Hotel’s website

Located right in the heart of our capital city, Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur is inspired by the concept of “Kyosho Jutaku”. In Japanese, it means living in style on a tiny footprint by building a fine & compact house and utilising only a very small space.

Built using renewable freight containers, they offer visitors the choice of container-based deluxe and suite rooms, concrete rooms in the shape of minimal cylinder tubes, and also camp site-styled accommodation.

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3. Terrapuri Heritage Village

Image source: Terrapuri’s Facebook page

The word “Terrapuri” means “The Land of Palaces”, and it is an apt description for this particular resort. The entire layout of Terrapuri Heritage Village is inspired by the 17th century Terengganu Palace.

In terms of location, it has the perfect tranquil setting that nature lovers crave for. On one side, there are the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea while on the other is the mangrove river of Setiu Wetland. Here, you can see fireflies flashing around during the night and, depending on the season, turtles coming out of the ocean to lay their eggs on the sandy shores.

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4. Terra’s Tree House @Cameron Highlands

Image source: Terra’s Tree House’s Facebook page

Deep in the rainforest surroundings of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands is the indigenous-themed budget hotel called Terra’s Tree House. Visitors can choose to stay at any of the six authentic Orang Asli (Aborigine) tree houses here. All six of them are built using bamboo, rattan, and palm leaves.

Getting to the location requires a 4km off-road journey using a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The water supply is directly brought in via a hidden and clean mountain stream while electricity is powered by a generator. If your goal is “to be one with nature”, you can’t go wrong here!

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5. Hotel Maison Boutique

Image source: The Fairy Tale Suite at Hotel Maison Boutique

If you are a fan of entertainment and pop culture, then you should seriously consider a stay at Hotel Maison Boutique. There are 18 themed rooms that will surely leave a lasting impression. Your choice of surroundings includes The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Space Odyssey, Arabian Night, Eiffel Room, Euro Star, Pink Room, and many more.

There are also choices of Executive Suites, Premier Rooms, and Superior Rooms.  The Executive Suites have themes of James Bond, Fairy Tale, Princess, Love Bug, and Time Traveller. In fact, reviews from various travel sites say that this is one of the best 4-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur!

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6. Tubotel Langkawi

Image source: Tubotel’s website

The archipelago of Langkawi, adorned with its pristine beaches, lush green paddy fields, and beautiful jungle-clad hills, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. There are plenty of fun activities here and in fact, we’ve created a blog post on how you can spend 3 days 2 nights vacation in Langkawi for less than RM400.

For a unique but budget-friendly stay, you can opt for Tubotel Langkawi. The rooms here are in the form of concrete tubes and take the concept of minimalism to the max. Available in multiple colours, the barrels are frothing with a cocktail blend of relaxation and excitement.

All set for your next trip?

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